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Prolexico - translation services

Welcome to Prolexico website! We are an online translation agency which provides translation services of all European languages. What distinguishes our offer from the competitors? We are a group of enthusiasts for the profession of a translator and interpreter - we develop our passion and struggle to make every element of our work as best as it is possible. We conduct thorough terminological works, we consult specialized vocabulary with professionals, we provide additional proofreading services - we just take care of details.

Moreover, due to online mode of our business activities, we are able to offer competitive translation prices. Every client can order and receive a translation from almost anywhere in the world. We translate texts of various fields, but we have particular experience in the medical, legal and technical translations. We have also been cooperating with many international companies during localization of their website and software. In order to learn about our services, please scroll downwards or proceed directly to the Contact us webpage.

We are also keen on socializing with other translators as well as freelance professionals. We publish articles, hints and tips through social media channels focusing on translators' and interpreters' work and profession. The enthusiasts for translation are welcome to the Translators' zone webpage.

Who we are?

Contact and identification data:

Prolexico - translation services

Correspondence address in Poland:
Bronikowskiego 1/52, 02-796 Warszawa, Polska.
Tel: +48 660 463 257
NIP (tax id.): 9512226344; REGON (statistical no.): 146342983

What services do we provide?

  • Legal translations - international contracts, agreements, all types of legal texts;
  • Technical translations - user's manuals, technical specifications, manufacturing documentations, texts involving technical vocabulary;
  • Website translations - comprehensive website translation conjoined with online advertising and search engine optimization;
  • Medical translations - translation of medical documentation, test and examination results, diagnoses, descriptions of medications;
  • Software localization - localization of software and other types of IT systems;
  • Marketing and scholarly translations - translations of scholarly works and elaborations, including marketing texts: catalogues, leaflets, brochures.

Why Prolexico?

Prolexico introduces modern solutions into the widely understood translation market. We opt for innovativeness, below you will find our ideas which we have already implemented:

all translation quotes are based on the volume of source documents

now, each client who requests for a translation quote will know the exact total price of the service; there isn't anything like 10% threshold for a final price depending on the volume of target text

thorough terminological works

when we encounter a word/phrase which is unclear for us, we define it by conducting thorough terminological works; texts of legal or medical origin, for instance, are often filled with specialized vocabulary; at Prolexico we prepare specialized terminology of particular field before we start actual translation; most of the time, we make use of vast library holdings, own experiences in translating text of the given specialty as well as trustworthy internet sources - terminological works ensure quality of translation and they make it acceptable within the target industry

EN 15038 quality standard

we provide our services pursuant to the EN 15038 translation quality standard which enables us to guarantee quality of all stages of translation process

text analysis for repetitions in source documents

we offer considerable discounts based on repetitions within the source document; we analyse texts with a CAT software which identifies similar and identical segments

availability online

thanks to that we provide our services mostly online, we are available all day, 7 days a week; different time zones are not a problem anymore; on business days we prepare an initial, free translation quote within 1 hour

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